Michael Vander Does is a seasoned technical and video expert with project management, operational, and budgeting experience. His work in creative environments has developed his skill as a great translator between technical and non-technical users.

Michael's early days in Columbus were spent at WTVN-TV where he pioneered the use of digital graphics techniques.

His tenure at SOS Productions started on the technical side in 1987 and evolved to include managing the company's transition to digital video and non-linear editing. As the web emerged as a video distribution channel, he re-engineered the facility many times to meet the changing needs of staff and clients.

For most of the past ten years, Michael assumed managerial responsibilities at SOS. He established budgetary responsibility policies, project management standards and revamped the accounting system to allow for more aggressive analysis toward increasing returns.

During that period, he was responsible for a move and redefinition of the business's complete studio space including design of the new facility. The move was accomplished in four days. The new facility was outfitted to meet current standards for broadband fiber and high definition production.

Through all these years, Michael worked with technical and non-technical professionals, artists, digital content makers, and high-level corporate stakeholders. His ability to communicate and translate complex communication technology into meaningful value for everyone involved makes his contribution unique.