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I am your video expert. I offer an unusual combination of technical, creative, and business skills. This mix helps me find solutions to your video needs and problems that are the right scale, that will meet your needs now and into the future, that are cost-effective, and that provide you with the most agility.

Creativity, functionality, and cost-effectiveness can frequently seem to have conflicting demands. My approach is to look at all the factors that influence technology decisions and find solutions that deliver the best return on your investment. In these times when technology changes almost daily, these decisions will affect your organization for years to come.

The issues involved in selecting and implementing video technologies are not only about technology and its uses. Equally important are the effects on your culture, your staff, and your processes. Resistance to change is normal. A complete video strategy includes managing change for the most effective implementation.

As your expert, I am your representative. I maintain the highest ethical standards in dealing with vendors. I assist you in selecting them and I ensure the satisfactory delivery of their goods and services. I do not have any financial dealings with them, so you can be confident of my objectivity. Your confidence in me will give you confidence that these vendors will provide the highest quality in equipment and services.

When things go wrong, I am your problem-solver. I find solutions that solve your problem quickly, but with an insight into maximizing the ongoing value of the solution.

Early involvement can be key to the greatest return on your investment in video. Minimize risk and maximize return through a comprehensive approach to selecting, integrating, and using video technologies in your organization.

The right video technology isn’t a luxury anymore – it’s a business standard. More accessible than ever, video is also more complex.

As your video expert, I guide you through the maze of technological possibilities and how to use them. Learn what being your video expert means.

Whether you are a small company just beginning to think about using video or a corporate giant with established in-house video capabilities or somewhere in between, I can help you find the video technology solution that is right for you. Find out what we can do.

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